MSMonday: ‘The Holidays’

“The Holidays” are supposed to be a wonderful, cheerful and happy time of year. But so often all those warm and fuzzy feelings get lost among the craziness and hullabaloo of everything we have going on, and incredible stress can set it. No one is immune to this holiday stress, but individuals with MS can … [Read more…]

MSMonday: What to eat for MS?

I’ve gotten this question several times recently so I figured I would bring it to MS Monday and answer it here. What are the best things to be eating for MS? Depending on who we ask, this question has many different answers. If we asked Dr. Swank, Dr. Wahls, Dr. Ballantyne and our own personal … [Read more…]

Scientific evidence

It happened again, dang, another relapse in the books. Two Junes in a row, bad trend I’m starting, and I liked June! I guess I never really got over that cold (see previous post, shameless plug) and I think that’s where it all began. Fast forward a month. “Ask him if it’s bad” whispers my … [Read more…]

Migraines, a real pain in the…. head.

Day 3 of a migraine. I’ve been getting migraines forr-eevvv-errrrrrr (10 pts for the movie reference). So I’m not sure if it has anything to do with MS per se, but I’m sure MS doesn’t help them go away. I’ve been on Topamax to help control them, but sometimes one finds its way in, and … [Read more…]