No, is still an answer.

I suppose ‘No’ is an answer, right? That seems to be what I have been hearing from doctors lately when I have been trying to figure out the root cause of my stomach pain. No, you don’t have this. No, you don’t have that. I’m not lactose intolerant, I don’t have SIBO, when I would have bet money that I had both. What I am finding though after about a month or so on this ‘AIPish’ diet, is that what I thought was lactose intolerance and SIBO, may have just been a bad reaction/intolerance to all the food I was eating on a regular basis that I have since cut out. Which, much to my dismay, were the main veggies I realllllly enjoyed! Peppers, tomatoes, all those ‘nightshades’.

For our 2 year anniversary, Le Boyfriend and I went up to one of our favorite places, Ogunquit. We had dinner at Clay Hill Farm, another favorite. They have a splendid gluten free menu, but the dinner I chose had several tomatoes and peppers along for the ride. Instead of pushing them to the side, I chose to splurge (it was our anniversary!) and I ate about half of them, which wasn’t that many in actuality! I swear! (I can see your faces now, cringe, knowing what is to come). I almost cried, I missed tomatoes so much, and they tasted sooo good. But was it worth it? Not a chance. That whole week after hurt.

I recently went to the allergist, and found no real food allergies, but had a good conversation with him regarding food intolerances and autoimmunity. He was the first ‘Medical Professional’ to validate my thoughts about being gluten intolerance because of my MS, which was nice to finally hear.

So I guess I’ll keep on trucking, leaving behind all my peppers and tomatoes, sadly.