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hey there,

I have now tried to slice plantains several different ways, and none of them are ‘easy’, unless the plantains are the color of midnight. I mean black, blacker than the middle of the night sky in the Caribbean black. Then, it was a bit easier, but only then.
I tried my hand at fried plantains again tonight. They worked!! They are gooood. But again, only if the midnight variety is used. The sweetness is light, and amazing. I’m happy it worked. I’m curious about using green plantains in recipes too, i’ve seen one for pizza crust that looks interesting.
I tried CrossFit over the weekend! My sister and I went, and I really enjoyed it. Winter is usually my healthy(ish) time, so hopefully I can keep up with it. I’ve been feeling increased sensitivity and numbness though, so who knows what’s going on at the moment. I have been doing some pretty intense strength training over the past several months, so I feel pretty fit and strong overall. Hopefully that will carry into CrossFit once we start!


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  1. This is so funny, I had the same experience and almost gave up! But I’m a Goth at heart so I was not at all surprised that midnight black plantains would finally save the day… 🙂

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