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hey there,

Several updates are in order I believe. First off, let me share my Sunday Funday Torture workout! Sunday was a glorious day. Just about 7 hours of football on TV. The first game, didn’t care as much about, but as a sports fan, I watched most of it. What a game! Anyway, the second game is where it was at for me (and Le Boyfriend). Being from Massachusetts (however, originally Ohio, so always a Browns fan I will be) we are Patriots fans. We didn’t get a chance to work out Sunday, so we decided to make watching the game into a workout. A first down was 10 push ups, a flag was 25 flutter kicks, a touchdown was 10 squats followed by a plank hold until the kick off was over. By the end of 1 QUARTER we had done 100 push ups, 100 flutter kicks and I did a 2 minute 15 second plank hold. That was the end of our game! It was a fun way to work out, never knowing what was coming next, but it was brutal. The best part was Le Boyfriend’s comment of ‘thank God for 3rd and 1!’ We may think twice before putting push ups with 1st downs!
Crossfit has been going well, the on-ramp classes will be over tonight, then we are let loose into regular classes, eek! Can’t wait! Unfortuanately (but really I can’t wait at all) we are going on vacation next week, so starting classes might have to wait another week. Ugh. We have learned cleans and presses in the past two classes. I was excited about the clean practice, I needed help with my form. I just patience will be needed, maybe I can get to a class before our vacation next Wednesday.
Now for my biggest update/issue/complaint, I think I’m having a relapse. I’ve been trying to ignore the symptoms for a few weeks almost a month, and was just hoping they would go away. They didn’t. They only got worse. My numbness, sensitivity and pain have gone right back to the levels they were at during the summer and then some. Now my left side is numb as well too. So I finally called my neurologist last week and made MRI appointments for tomorrow and Monday. Hopefully I will know before we leave and make a plan for when I get back. Rather frustrating, especially when I called this my good time of the year totally jinxed myself, I’m realizing now. I just keep on moving, going about my day, trying to not think about the weirdness going on in my body.
I need this vacation, Le Boyfriend and I are heading to Saint Lucia, a nice warm tropical local is the cure all for everything, right?

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  1. You are amazing! I envy your strength & fitness level! Any news on the relapse?
    P.S.- I nominated you for The Liebster Blogging Award! Follow the link to my post for instructions.

    Jess ????

    • lissms says:

      Thank you!! No relapse, MRI showed improvement actually, but according to the DR, I’m probably stuck with these symptoms now. Just residual damage. Bummer. I’m sick again too, so I haven’t felt like posting, but I’ll get back at it! Thanks for the motivation!!

      • That’s great to see improvement on your scan! A lot of different things can make MS symptoms flare up, but not necessarily stick around permanently. If you’re stressed, over-tired, hot, have a cold, etc., your MS will act up but not go into a full-fledge relapse. Hopefully these new symptoms won’t hang around forever!

        Jess ????

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