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hey there,

So, I get married in 19 days. 19 days! Holy Canoli! I love canolis. Mike’s Pastry on Hanover St. was my go to for a canoli. I haven’t had one in like, several years, because I just don’t eat them now, but I am sure I can find/make/discover a gluten-free, paleo, canoli. I have to right? I know I can! I have the amazing cook book by The Urban Poser, “My Paleo Patisserie”. I was drooling over every page! It’s beautiful. Get it. Use it as a picture book if you must. Anyway, I digress.

My wedding! 19 days! I am nervous/excited/pumped/STRESSED! However, I have been really focusing on trying to get as much done during the week (which creates havoc, yes) but it saves my weekends for me (and Le Fiance). This has been working for the most part in recent weeks and I have enjoyed time with my Fiance in Newport a few weekends ago and then had a mostly relaxing weekend this past weekend. By the way. Getting a tent for the beach is a must for everyone with MS who has issues with heat/sun and has had to cut a wonderful beach day short due to these issues. It made it so much more enjoyable! I could stay out as long as I wanted! Beach problem solved. Also! Several restaurants in Newport are BOMB for gluten-free/paleo fare. Especially The Moorings. I mean come on now. A salad that has shrimp, lobster tail and a salmon filet?? Can I get an Amen please? It was to die for. Please go there, it was great. After a full day of sun and sand, I needed food and it definitely delivered!

A combination I’ve been digging lately and that has been showing up all over my dinners is lime and cilantro. This is a very refreshing and zesty summertime flavor combo that can be very versatile as well. I have been using it a lot with shrimp and chicken with zoodles and sqoodles. Usually I will cook the shrimp/chicken, add some S&P, a few TSP of fresh cilantro and then juice from 1/2- 3/4 of a lime, depending on how much protein there is. On several occasions I added in the lime zest, and that just took it to a whole new level! I added it to the zoodles as well as salad.

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