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hey there,

I’ve finally made it back to Muay Thai. It was a week ago, and I haven’t been back again yet, but it’s a start! When I took a ‘break’ (10 month break) last December, this is how it started. I just found myself having no desire to go anymore. I enjoy the sport, I enjoy the atmosphere once I am there, I enjoy the instructor, it’s just difficult to find the drive to go. I even have a buddy to go with, my boyfriend and I go together, but he has felt the same way. Hopefully I find the motivation now that I am more physically able.

On a better note, I played with my barbell today! I haven’t used it in so long, it felt fantastic! I did a complex, where you do a series of exercises and don’t put the bar down between them. This one is called ‘The Bear’ A deadlift, clean, push press, squat then push press again then start over. It’s my favorite barbell complex by far. I feel like it works the entire body, and it works it hard! I used light weight for now until I gain confidence and strength back. Hopefully I’m not too sore tomorrow!

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