An AIPish life for me..?

Two weeks in to this AIPish journey and it’s going… Ok? At the start I didn’t think that would be the case, I had anticipated some major mishaps, meltdowns and disasters. But aside from one night where everything that could go wrong did (entire jar of Italian spices into the mushrooms? Sure!) it’s been good. Now normally I am a disaster in the kitchen. Like something is always burning, over cooking, exploding, but recently I have been able to hone in on my Martha Stewartness and produce some pretty good meals. I’ve even gone out of the box to wing it and create my own. It’s also helpful that there is actually a plethora of websites dedicated to AIP and recipes. I’ve been scouring those to come up with a good reference point for all things AIP, I’ve even made my own makeshift “cookbook”! (It’s actually a journal that I glued recipes into, high tech, I know). Even Le Boyfriend cooked his first AIP dinner last night when I was a bit out of commission due to an earlier endoscopy. And he did pretty well!
The only major bummer is the prospect of eating out looks bleak. There seems to be maybe a few places I could go, maybe. But for most places I’d have to modify the original dish so much, why pay for it? Herbed fish and steamed veggies? For $25? Why not just make a much more flavorful dinner at home. Hopefully I can find some places to go for special occasions, but it looks like home cookin for awhile. Owell.
Off I go to week three!