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One of the things I mentioned in the previous post about my new detox routine was trying out new natural beauty products. I use the term beauty products loosely because I’ve only tried hair care and body lotions so far. I rarely wear make-up these days, so I have traveled down that path, yet. I did a lot of research about shampoo/conditioner routines and found mixed reviews. What worked wonders for one person, went horribly for another. This seemed to be the case with EVERYTHING. It looked as though I was just going to have to pick one and start there. I did some looking and found a few brands that I could buy that suited my ‘natural’ needs. I started with Face Naturals. What I really liked at first was they had sample sizes on their site, so I didn’t have to commit to a huge size of anything for what seemed like a million dollars (in reality, it was only $10, but when you’re used to only paying $2.99, $10 seems like a million). So off I went and ordered a few shampoo’s, a few conditioner’s, a body wash and some lotions. When I received them, I first noticed the smell. It was amazing!! Peppermint tea, lavender, citrus, awesome. When I used them, somewhat of a different story. I found my hair to be a little ‘gummy’ (a term often used by au naturale folk to describe unfortunate hair texture). It felt oily, but didn’t look it though. It actually looked full and voluminous, which I liked. So I guess my first attempt went alright overall. My second attempt left my hair somewhat dry. I was frustrated. I thought this was going to be great!

So I switched brands.

Next on my list was Everyday Shea. This came in a HUGE bottle, so I prayed it worked. It went about the same as the first brand. I was frustrated again. On my second attempt I thought ‘what if I am using too much?’ I cut my amount of product down by about half. MAGIC! My hair came out bouncy, not oily (feeling or looking), not gummy. It was still staticy, but so is everyone’s hair this  time of year. I considered it a win! I had been using wayyyyy too much. Lesson learned. I’ll try my original choice this was as well, as I am sure to find similar results. I am also going to look up DIY moisturizing conditioners to use once a week or so to see if I can combat the static (yogurt and egg anyone?). We’ll see how that goes!

In terms of lotions and body wash, I am in love with the face lotion I got from Face Naturals. It is super light, feels great and smells great too. It hasn’t made me break out or anything of the sort. Same goes for the body lotion and body wash. The body wash scent was citrus and it was intoxicating. I’ll definitely be getting that again!

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