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hey there,

I had been on the fence about attending this training for a while. My only reason for that was I wanted a weekend to relax and sleep, pretty dumb reason. But this whole summer feels like it has been one big whirlwind, full of non stop movement and events. But this training only came around my area rarely and it was half the price as usual. My HUSBAND (Le Fiance leveled up) (I guess that needs a post too, eh?) said ‘I am making an executive decision. You’re going. You want to, I’ll help you, and you’re doing it.’ So off I went and registered for the Onnit Academy Level 1 Training. I am so happy I did.

We went up Friday night, thankfully, and I got an early start Saturday morning. 9am at Seacoast Kettlebell in Dover, NH, one of the best gyms I have ever walked into. It was huge and the amount of equipment they have is unreal. Truly an amazing place to train. The day started out with about an hour and a half of mobility work. Yes, an hour and a half! And it wasn’t just stretching. It was true mobility, in the sense of move each part of your body separately, with intention. From your ankles to knees to hips to chest to wrists to arms to shoulders to neck. By the end of the segment I wasn’t sure if I had never felt better or worse! As we progressed throughout the day, I certainly learned how important mobility work is. I felt good, I felt strong, I felt secure in my body. The first day was listening to theory, learning some bodyweight movements and we wrapped up with learning the Sandbag. The Sandbag is an interesting tool, and it is pretty much what it sounds like, a big bag of sand. It is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long, depending on how heavy it is and about 8 inches high. We learned how to use it in a variety of exercises including the row, clean and press. I really enjoyed the row, I felt like it recruited more back muscles than most other implements I have used. Over all my day 1 was about 10 hours long. Full of movement, mobility and knowledge. I loved it.

I knew in day 2 we would be learning many more weighted tools, so I was prepared. Again we started with mobility work, but instead of singling out each body part, we moved in a flow, it was amazing and something I will incorporate into my weekly routine from now on. We started the day with Battle Ropes then Kettlebells, then Steel Club then Steel Mace. For each tool we learned the basics, correct set up, correct form and several variations to use within workouts. I picked up good tips for the Battle Ropes and Kettlebells and feel like my understanding of both has improved greatly. I also enjoyed learning the Steel Club and Steel Mace for the first time. I did enjoy the Club over the Mace, and may get one for the future.

The hardest part of the weekend obviously came at the end. After we had been working for 10 hours, 20 in the past two days. We were all split into two groups, and completed two different workouts for 10 minutes. Then we switched. It was 20 minutes of hell, but the feeling of accomplishment at the end was priceless.

The first workout consisted of 10 minutes, at the start of every minute we completed: 15 chest loaded KB swings (a variation of the traditional KB swing, where the bell is resting on your chest), 5 KB rows on each side, then 5 pushups. I dropped down to 12,4,4 for a few sets to get the hang of it, then up to 15,5,5. It was kinda hard brutal.

The second workout consisted of 10 minutes, at the start of every minute we completed: 10 squats then 5 reverse lunges each side, all with using the Mace. Again, kinda hard brutal.

I was proud of myself, I finished each workout. There were many who half assed it or stopped. But I’m stubborn. I actually felt ok, and I had my mantra of ‘Fck MS’ floating about in my head. It helps get me over the hump when I need it.

It was a fantastic experience. I am so thrilled Le Hubby pushed me to do it and encouraged me. I am not officially an Onnit Certified Trainer. Boom, go me.

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  1. escharae says:

    For me it’s dancing, but I definitely know the feeling. 🙂
    And congratulations on getting married!

  2. escharae says:

    For me it’s dancing, but I definitely know the feeling. 🙂
    And congratulations on getting married!

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