Driving the Struggle Bus. How to be in Control of ‘Those Days’.

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Some days you just don’t have it. Or at least I don’t have it. Some days it’s a struggle to find the motivation for most anything.
Sunday day was one of Those Days.
Those Days can happen for a multitude of reasons. When I’ve accepted it’s a Day, dissecting the reason behind becomes much easier. Sometimes I discover a reason, a fight with a person I care about, or an issue at work. Or sometimes a reason escapes me entirely. When there is a reason behind Those Days, then I can work with the reason, and work on fixing it. Either with another person if need be, or with myself. Often times an attitude adjustment is needed. Usually I have the motivation for such an attitude adjustment, but none could be found.
I was wondering what on earth DID I have the motivation for. My mind came up hearing crickets. I was in a melancholy place. Some things in my life were not going how I would like them to. You know that saying, ‘If you can’t change your situation, change your attitude’? I felt like I could do neither.
So I dug a little deeper. I couldn’t immediately change the situation, but eventually down the line I could. So that would have to wait. So it looked like it was up to my attitude. And that was in the toilet. But that is something I can always control. Right?
Sunday I felt like I couldn’t make it budge, no matter what I did.
I tried going to the gym in the morning with my sister, it took some doing on her part, but she convinced me to join her eventually. I knew it would help, usually throwing around some iron is the best therapy there is (shhhh, don’t tell my co-workers I said that 😉 ). But that was a short lived improvement.
When I returned home from the gym, I tried to write. HAHA. Yeah, no, didn’t go so well. (That would have been an interesting read!)
I quickly realized that it was just going to be one of Those Days. Where nothing that usually worked to fix my broken attitude sounded appealing. Where nothing made my energy higher. Where nothing could possibly fix the melancholy that I had dripping off of me. So I gave up trying. Some days are just Those Days. When I know that this is what is going on, what helps me get through my melancholy-ness faster, is leaning into it. This doesn’t mean that I lay in bed, and wallow in my sorrows all day (although, sometimes this does happen for an hour or two, on occasion). It means that I sit back, and accept this is how I feel today. When I accept this, and stop trying to change something that doesn’t want to be changed, it moves on and out much faster. Accepting it doesn’t mean that I’m ok with it, or that I’m happy about my melancholy-ness. It just means that I’m aware of it’s presence, I’ve acknowledged it, and let it be.
By knowing where my thoughts and emotions were coming from, knowing I had given an honest try to shifting them, I just allowed them to be. By doing that, they eventually evaporated by themselves, without the exhausting tug of war that usually takes place. Next time you find yourself driving the struggle bus, dig a little deeper and see where you’re honestly at, and what is the best course of direction.

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