Explicit Content. Vol. Dis-ease

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I'm Alissa!

I help women who have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis make specific and personalized diet, lifestyle & subconscious changes so that they can begin to heal their body, reduce disease symptoms, and return to a life they love.

hey there,

Fuck this disease
This dis-ease
This dis-trust
These infantile legs that
Have the strength of
Fuck this un-ease
This un-comfort
This body that betrays me
And leaves me to fend
For myself
As my shame drips
In a puddle at my feet
Made up of my giant tears.
Fuck this dis-ability
This in-ability
This marauder that creeps
Behind shadows
Waiting. Watching.
I’m going to find you.
Fuck this dis-order
This re-order
Of my brain
That creates intricate complex
Black and white
Depictions of
Empty space
And nothing.
Fuck this.

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  1. You got it. Keep eating the right food.The toxins are in the foods and products. You can heal.

  2. wantneedwill says:

    Fuck the hatred,
    Fuck the flow,
    Why would you diss
    This body that you
    Can call your own

    Sure it’s not perfect
    Hell, it might not even be good
    But it’s yours to keep
    And cherish, so look

    We can get through this
    This hatred will pass
    Perhaps even gratitude
    Can arise, so let’s raise a glass

    For we are who we are
    Disease included
    So let’s smile to the world
    Look for a better tomorrow
    And thank the heavens above
    This rhyming is concluded.

    (I suck! Keep up the good fight!)

    • lissms says:

      ???? i like your poetic reminder!!
      just coming off a hard day. Being consistently compassionate toward myself/my body is something that is hard for me, when things out of my control with my body/my disease mess up my day.

      • wantneedwill says:

        Trust me, I can relate!

        It is at those times that we need to be reminded to keep a smile on and to look forward, as it’s exceedingly easy to have a negative attitude especially with this disease that we have.

        I’m glad if it made you smile! 🙂

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