How I became a health nut

I’ve always been an active person, enjoying sports, running and working out. But I started to get restless in my routines and began to research new things and stumbled upon a wonderful, informational database for all things health and fitness in September of 2012, It originally started with 7 women, but is now down to 3. I read everything I could on the site and eventually chose to hire Jen Comas Keck as an online nutrition coach (learn more about her programming She totally changed my life. I went from eating crap, to eating healthy, balanced, protein focused meals. I lost weight, gained energy and felt better than ever. I was hooked. I started to follow all of the blogs of the founders of GGS, started to lift heavy, and would eventually hire Neghar Fonooni (learn more about her programming as an online fitness coach as well. She transformed my training plans to include Metabolic Resistance Training and I increased in my heavy lifting as well. I guess you could say I fell in love with weight lifting, and have become slightly obsessed 😉