How to Create Actual Change in Your Life

I know I’ve talked a ton on what NOT to do in terms of change and goals, so lets change pace and talk about what TO do. 

When talking about goal setting or change, most people overestimate their brain capacity for said change. 

Meaning, we often think our brain is much more capable of adjusting than it actually is. 

Our brain has 1 goal, to keep us alive, that’s it. 

Since what you did yesterday has kept you alive until now, that’s all your brain wants to do- exactly what it did yesterday. 

This is why change is so hard, because your brain is actually not helping at all!! 

This ends up feeling like resistance. Like we don’t wanna do it and it was a terrible idea in the first place. 

To make change more appealing to your brain (and not crazy threatening) you have to make the change as small as possible. 

Like, this is stupid and not getting me anywhere small. 

Because, in those small actions, you’re actually getting really far! 

(Its hustle culture that has told you the opposite- but that’s a conversation for another day)

That’s because the smaller the action, the less threat there is to your brain, therefore your chance of success skyrockets. 

Stupidly small examples? 

So you wanna start to exercise, that’s great! 

Pick a location: gym, house, outside etc. 

Pick a time: before breakfast, after work etc. 

Pick a frequency: 2 or 3 times a week

Which turns into: I’m going to exercise at the gym, before breakfast, 2 times this week. 

Then, just show up to the gym. 


If you actually want to work out, great. 

If not, you’re still starting to create the habit. 

As you keep showing up for your new habit (and yourself in the process) your internal resistance will start to decrease and your willingness to take action will increase. 

Then, just rinse and repeat.

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