It’s April?

It’s been some time. Quickie updates are in order!

First off, no relapse. Lesions are even improving some (guess the Tysabri works). At first you would think, yay! But when thinking deeper, the thought pops up, but why do I still feel this way…? Am I going to be stuck like this..forever? The answer I recently got from the doc was, ‘Hopefully not. Hopefully someday your symptoms can improve. But it seems as though this may be impact felt from residual damage’.


Not what I wanted to hear. I don’t want to be stuck with odd numbness/sensitivity crap forever. That shit’s lame. But oh-well, such is life.

Other updates… Le Boyfriend is no more. He’s now Le Fiance! Woot Woot. That happened on our first day of vacation on St. Lucia, at dinner. Very romantic 🙂 Now we are in the midst of wedding planning, which is just as stressful as everyone says! (Surprise to me) But that is moving along as well.

I began crossfit with my littlest sister in the middle of January too. That is still going pretty well. We aren’t able to make it as much as we would like yet, but we will add more days soon. The Open was starting just as we were, so their schedule was very different, but it will be back to normal now. So hopefully Monday and Friday with her, then whenever I can make it on my own. I’ll keep updated with that I hope!

I’m doing a nutrient boot camp this month too, so many new foods/recipes to be trying!!

Glad to be back.

Missed ya’ll!