Maine(ly) awesome

Ogunquit, beautiful Ogunquit, Maine. My destination last weekend for my birthday weekend my boyfriend booked for me. We’ve been there plenty and love it, but it was the first time this year. It was also the first time since going gluten free, so I had to do some restaurant research (ugh) before going out to dinner. We tried 3 restaurants while we were there, Clay Hill Farm, Roost Cafe and Amore Cafe. All of them were excellent, especially Clay Hill Farm. They had the best scallops I’ve tasted, maybe ever. Their gluten free menu was also pretty good, maybe about half could be made sans gluten. Everything tasted great, I just wanted more of it!! (It’s also a wonderful wedding venue, but that’s another story.. 🙂 Roost was the best by far, so good that we went there for breakfast and dinner. The menu was great, ambiance was warm and comfy, I really liked it. What couldn’t be made gluten free was a shorter list than what could! It was fab. A+ in my book, clearly. Then last but not least, Amore Cafe. Their menu wasn’t bad, but what made them the most awesome place ever? GF Waffles!! I haven’t had waffles in awhile, and they were great! Not grainy or anything crappy like that. Awesome! Everything else was awesome too. The sun cooperated, finally and I was at the beach, best things ever. I’m planning another getaway in my daydreams as we speak.