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MS Holiday Gift Guide

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It can be hard to know what to get anyone, but someone with MS has certain considerations that need to be taken into account. Surprise events? Long parties? probably not the best idea. But what are great ideas? Look below for my thoughts in my Holiday Gift Guide!


Great Gift Ideas:

Cooling products. This could really be anything that keeps you cool. A personal fan, personal mister, cooling wrap or cooling vest. All are great ideas and will be used over and over in the summer heat.

Entertainment options. Sometimes when MS makes you stay on the couch, it can be a bit boring, but also make you focus on why you’re on the couch. Having some entertainment can be a wonderful distraction. Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix or a Kindle could be wonderful gifts.

Muscle Roller Stick $9+ This has become a wonderful tool for me. I love my foam roller, but this has been great! When the foam roller is too big to maneuver well, this does the trick. Also, when I don’t feel like rolling around on the ground, this is a great alternative!

Sound Machine $19+ Sometimes you need peace and quiet. Sometimes there are crazy things going on around you that make that impossible. Enter the need for a sound machine. With various different sounds like ocean waves, thunderstorm and white noise, you’re bound to find one that suits your preference!

Spa Gift Card When your days are filled with doctors appointments, it would be nice to have a spa appointment mixed in instead. It’s also nice to go for a massage every once in a while as well.

Cleaning Service Gift Card Household chores are some of the things that often pile up. Even volunteering your time can be helpful here too.

Electric Blanket When dealing with any type of chronic illness, MS or otherwise, the cold can be terrible. Therefore an electric blanket can be your best friend. Especially this time of year!

Microwaveable Neck Wrap  This is my go to for when I have a migraine. It helps to bring relaxing heat to my tense neck and shoulders. It’s also a part of my relaxation routine.

Meal Delivery. Cooking can be tricky when in a flare. Having meals on hand is so helpful. Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or TrueFare are great options here.

YOU! Your time is one of the most valuable things you can give. Maybe help get some chores done, go shopping or just hanging out would be greatly appreciated.


What NOT to get:

Loud things. Often times noises are louder for us MSers, so those little gag gifts that make noise, that are annoying to you, are SUPER annoying to us.

Ticketed Events. This one is a bit tricky and you have to know your audience (some might really dig this). Since MS is such an unpredictable disease, it can be hard to know how we’re going to feel next week. So planning events is hard. Therefore tickets to an event don’t make the best present.


Taking MS into consideration when buying gifts is not only a good idea, but also really thoughtful. These ideas are not only practical but helpful to daily life of an MSer as well. Any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!


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