New Years Resolutions vs Intentions

New year, new you.

That’s the usual messaging we get around this time, right? Although I do have to say, I haven’t seen that much “new you” stuff, maybe we’re finally getting the idea that it doesn’t work. 

What I mean by that, is often when making a new years resolution, we bite off wayyy too much. 

Instead of trying to create a whole new identity in a day with a resolution that is too hard, how about thinking in terms of the long game. 

Instead of: I’ll try X diet or Y workout plan, it could be that you’ll work on your health this year. 

Which leads to way more opportunities to improve your health than only working with diet or exercise.

Instead of a resolution, I call this an intention. 

An intention of where you’ll be putting your energy this year. 

An intention of how you’d like to grow this year. 

Creating an intention for the year (vs. resolution) can broaden your growth horizons, instead of being stuck on one singular goal.

I like to create intentions in either a single word or short phrase. 

This year my intention word is “expand”

I want to expand in every area of my life, my career, my impact, my relationships. 

And, if you made a resolution, you’re not wrong or bad. I’d tell you to see how you can turn this resolution into an intention to have in mind all year. 

If you had to sum up your 2022 intention with a word or phrase, what would it be? 

Part 2 coming next!

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