Oh yeah, I’m a runner too

My running career was born when I failed as a triathlete. Well, that’s not fair. I didn’t ‘fail’, I just never got there in the first place. I had been training all summer, and when the time came or when I got around to registering, it was full. My mom being the worry wort that she is now about me, suggested I train one sport, not three. I always enjoyed running, so I gave in, this time. Since then I have run in 2 distance medleys with the Boston Athletic Association (a 5k, 10k and half marathon series), ran the Las Vegas Strip at Night Half Marathon and the Disney Princess Half Marathon, both with my younger sister. I also had a year and a half where I participated in a race every month. My last race was the BAA half marathon in October. It has been quite chilly up here, that whole polar vortex thing, so running has been tricky. I had tried to run for MS in the Boston Marathon this year, but I wasn’t chosen, blessing in disguise. My recent relapse would have put a kink in my training I think. However, I have been wanting to get back out there, that familiar itch is back.