Paleo F(x) Part 3: Sunday and Reflections

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hey there,

The last installment of my Paleo F(x) journey! In all its glory…..

Sunday was a much more low-key day. I had several people to meet up with and only one session to attend. The rest of the time I got to BUY ALL THE THINGS and EAT ALL THE FOOD.

The one session I did attend on Sunday was by Jill Coleman. She started out by saying she isn’t coming from a Paleo background, but her message could be translated across lifestyle barriers. She spoke of moderation, how to achieve comfort in eating and not having to white knuckle your way through life. I’ve heard this message before, but it still made me nod my head in agreement and give a ‘hell yea!’ every few minutes. She discussed her frameworks of Preemptive Cheats, Moderation365 and her DNC’s (Daily Nutritional Commandments). All things she commits to do daily in order to make sure she stays where she wants to be with her nutrition. Solid.

All of the speakers I heard I learned a great deal from. There were many sessions I wanted to attend, but unfortunately there was only one of me. Choosing which to attend was a hard decision! I had to give up many awesome looking workshops as well. Hopefully next year I can figure out a way to be in more places at once (old school tape recorder maybe?).

As for life lessons, I learned that having a sense of community is so important. In terms of food, I am usually the odd person out. Very few people I know, actually hardly anyone, except for my husband who is Paleo by default, eats AIP/Paleo. There are people in my life who eat this way more often than not, and people who understand why I eat this way, but for the most part, people don’t get it. They don’t understand why I deprive myself, why I restrict myself from things that are ‘so good’ (but really so bad). They look to everything else as the reason that I feel better, like meds. It certainly couldn’t be the food I eat! (or don’t eat). But when I was at Paleo F(x), I was amongst people that got it. They were like me, they asked ‘is this AIP?’ and no one looked at them like they were speaking some new language. I’ve never felt more comfortable. Being around like minded people is something that I cherish and I didn’t realize I was missing.

This realization reinforced my desire to create the LissMS Community. Having connections with others who are experiencing similar situations is so valuable. I am so excited you are here, reading this, being a part of something bigger. It’s truly exciting to me.


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  1. Sónia says:

    Hi Liss, although my diet hasn’t been my main focus lately, I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here and reading. I enjoy reading your posts very much and learning about your journey. 🙂

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