Resolutions… What Not to Do?

I talk about new years resolutions quite a bit actually. 

I use them as an example of what not to do, lol. 

It’s also a universal experience, one that most of us know well. 

We pick something to start as a resolution, either a diet or workout plan or new routine. 

That’s all well and good to have health goals, I’m not knocking that at all. 

However, most people rely on motivation to get their resolution done. 

But what is motivation… It’s a feeling! 

Does any feeling last forever? 


Including motivation. 

That’s where things go sideways. 

Instead of realizing motivation will wax and wane and to just show up anyway, we rely too much on that motivation to produce actions. 

What we think: Motivation > Action > Results 

What is actually true: Action > Results > Motivation 

The biggest factor that will lead you to reaching your goals? 

Showing up.

That’s it. 

Show up for yourself and the habit. 

What I mean by that.. 

Say you want to start exercising each day. 

All I want you to do is show up to wherever you planned on doing that. 

Whether that’s the gym or a corner of your house, start creating the habit just by showing up. 

It doesn’t matter if you actually do an exercise, showing up when and where you said you would, is going to start building the habit. 

As you continue to show up, you’ll find more motivation. 

Start there. 

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