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Strength in Food Essentials Package

My Review of the Strength in Food AIP subscription box service.

Strength in Food is an AIP subscription box service, founded by the owners of One Stop Paleo Shop. It was created to get AIP products and food into the hands of who need it most, in the quickest and easiest way. The creators state their mission perfectly:

We believe food is medicine. So we connect customers with products that use whole, real ingredients, sourced from vendors we trust, and only if they meet our exacting standards. “

There are several different options for boxes, The Essentials Package, The Vitality Package and The Power Package. Included in the Essentials Package are snacks, pantry staples and educational materials (this is the one I got). The Vitality Package includes everything outlined in the Essentials Package, PLUS supplement. In The Vitality Package you’d receive everything offered in the Vitaliy Package, PLUS the 6 week AIP Lecture series from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. Each is offered at their own price point, starting at $39 a month. You can even add in individualized AIP Coaching from an AIP Certified Coach, to any of the packages as well, just in case you need some guidance or an AIP refresher. Any of those box options are wicked cool, IMO.

So.. what did I think of the box I got? LOVED IT.

First, I found the items I got to be in excellent condition (no dents, breakage) and awesome products in general. For an example, my box contained, Bare Bones Broth (gut healing FTW), Bare Apple Chips, Sweetpotato Awesome chips, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Pumpkin, Paleo Valley Meat Sticks, Kilo tea and a SIF (Strength in Food) mug for the tea! I was somewhat floored by how much tea I got too, like about 25 cups worth. Super cool. I liked the ratio of snacks to pantry staples as well. Not too much of either.

I also got some educational guides to go along with the products and food. This included information on nutritional differences between raw and cooked veggies, an overview on veggies with a nutrient guide to fruits and veggies (super helpful cheat sheet), a meal plan and related shopping list and recipes to accompany the meal plan. That’s a TON of stuff, right?? Like dang, you’re well on your way to enjoying AIP.

Strength in Food subscription boxes are a great way to start out your AIP journey, or to augment your journey if you’re in a bit of a rut. Want to try it out for yourself? Head here to subscribe!

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