Swings-Lunges-Presses galore!

Hello there friends! I have a good lil burner for you today. It’s another quick one! So use it as a stand alone when you’re in a rush, or as a finisher after a good sweat sesh.

What you need:

One Kettlebell will do, but if you want to go a bit heavier on the swings, be my guest!

How to:

20 two handed swings.

10 alternating front lunges, each side.

5 kettlebell presses, each side.

Rest as needed, but try and keep it to the end of the round.

Complete 3-5 rounds as fast as possible, with good form!


Keep good form on the front lunges. Make sure it is a controlled movement, nothing crazy here please!

Make sure your kettlebell is light enough that you can press with good, solid form. Tighten up everything! Hammies, quads, glutes, core and make sure your arm is in line with your ear when finished.

If you have any other questions feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!