Gaze stabilization

The Visual System

The final of our three “movement” systems we’re going to cover is our visual system, gaze stabilization and gaze shifting.

If your visual system isn’t working optimally, nothing else will be either. 

Did you know? 

Our eyes have 6 different muscles each? All creating different movements in different directions.

In order to see correctly, our muscles around our eyes need to be moving correctly as well.

There are 2 main types of eye movements:

  • Gaze stabilization
  • Gaze shifting 

We’ve talked about gaze stabilization in the past two videos. Gaze shifting is what it sounds like, being able to move the eyes in all directions to follow a target or find a new target.

Poor muscular control and function will lead to issues with both types of movements.

And if you remember from the vestibular video we need our eyes for proper body movement and awareness! 

In this video, we get a little more creative and dynamic with our vision drill. We’re building on the gaze stabilization drill from last time! 

Let me know in a message if you try it out!

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