Workout Wednesday 2-24-16

Hello there sunshine!

It happens to be Wednesday today and not very sunshine-y out at all, quite dreary actually. But never the less, it’s time for a workout, wouldn’t you say??

This one is, you guessed it, another Kettlebell Quickie! I promise I’ll get off my Kettlebell kick soon, I just love the convenience of them so much! Especially right now, when I need something quick and not too intense. So here it goes!

This only has 3 movements that are linked together.

1 arm swing

1 arm clean

1 arm push press

Complete 5 reps per side, then switch.

Complete the whole shebang 3-5 times, or, if you dare, AMRAP 5-10 minutes.

Rest as needed, but try to keep it to the end of the round.

Sounds easy peasy right? Well….. think again. This one got my heart rate up and got my blood pumpin! I really love workouts that link movements together ‘effortlessly’ and this is certainly one of those.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

P.S. I’ve been creating something special for y’all… Keep your peepers peeled! 😉