Workout Wednesday 3-30-16 LAST PREVIEW WEEK

Yup! It is the last preview week and it is also the last week to get my FREE 4 week workout program! So I’d hop to it if I were you. (get your copy here!) And no, I won’t leave you with absolutely nothing, I’ve got something BRAND NEW coming next week! So stay tuned.

But, lets get to Workout Wednesday, shall we?

This one is a lil burner!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

1) Mountain Climber x30 seconds
2) Straight Leg Sit up x10
3) Burpee x30
4) Inch Worm x5
5) Jump Squat x15

AMRAP (remember? As Many Reps As PRETTY) 5 minutes.

Rest as needed, but try to keep it to the bottom of the round.

Have fun and let me know how it goes! As always, shoot me a message if you have any questions.

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Have a great rest of your week! 🙂