Ready to start feeling like yourself again?

I've been where you are. And I can promise that when we work together, you can expect to learn how to control your symptoms, learn the language of your body, and know exactly what types of foods and movement work for you.

Private coaching

 Listen, I know this healing stuff can be complicated and I am sure you've had those days where it all feels hopeless (I know I did), but I'm confident that I can show you how to stop the neverending cycle of symptoms and frustration and finally start feeling like yourself again.

What it would feel like to go for that hike, ski again, or make plans with friends without worrying about canceling last minute because you're having a flare-up?

Can you imagine...

Holistic Healing: 4-Month Coaching Container

the program

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the program


Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC)  |  AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Certified Coach  |  Certified Personal Trainer  |  Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Massachusetts)

We'll work together for a period of 4 months. Afterwards, you'll have the choice to go month-to-month. Here's what's included:
  • Weekly private calls 
  • Unlimited email support
  • Support around emotional aspects of healing & disease management
  • Review of 3 detailed health assessments 
  • Individual health restoring plan 
  • Discount on supplements

Listen, I know you're unlike anyone else. You're unique from the inside out. This is why when we work together, I'll ensure you have a customized plan that is all your own. :)

Here's How it Works

The first step is to complete a quick coaching application. Click here to fill it out.

step 1: fill out the application

If you're accepted, we'll schedule a discovery call to talk about your health goals in detail.

step 2: we'll schedule a call

After the call, I'll create a custom plan for you & add you to the client portal so we can start!

step 3: let's get started!

Wait, What The Heck is Nutritional Therapy?

As a certified Nutrional Therapist Consultant, I'll evaluate your symptoms, lifestyle and current diet to understand what is going on inside your body and how it may be affecting your symptoms.

We'll then create a customized plan that we'll discuss at length first before implementing the changes (which we'll do at your own pace.) 

By utilizing a holistic lifestyle approach, I'll help you feel as good as you were designed to feel!

> Simply put, it's about putting your body back into balance.

The Method

From My Clients...

from Dana:

"It was so much fun and easy. It didn’t feel like work. I felt so comfortable and like I could tell you anything and you always had something compassionate, poignant, and helpful to say. I NEVER felt judged."

from brittany:

“Alissa was more helpful than my traditional doctors because she looked at the whole picture and offered ways that I could help myself rather than just relying on medicine."

"Overall, Alissa has taught me not only to prioritize my health, but she has shown me how the choices I make in every other aspect of my life impact my health. She is truly magical."

from D.R.: 

“You really care and are very knowledgeable. You saw things in me that I didn't. Plus your experience with mental health has been eye opening and so helpful."

from C.C.: 

fill out the application

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