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The Vestibular System and Balance

Our vestibular system is incredibly important for balance. I’m giving a few helpful suggestions to improve our vestibular system and balance.

oranges for vitamin d rich foods

The Importance of Vitamin D

There is an incredible amount of research linking vitamin D to MS. Is it really that important? Read on to find out the benefits of vitamin D.

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Neurology 101

Understanding neurology fully takes years. However, in this video I break down how our brain works in a few easy to understand steps!

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Creating Your Own Self Care Plan

Creating a self care plan sometimes feels unnecessary or difficult. I’m breaking down why we need to be thinking about self care.

Healing through the Holidays

Healing through the Holidays A challenge to help get you through the 2020 Holiday Season. We start November 16th! In a ‘normal” year, The Holiday season brings its fair share of stressors. But in 2020, we know that stress is going to be at an all-time high this season. When I asked my readers if they thought this holiday was …

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

This post contains affiliate links, to learn what that means, click here! I’m getting an early start on my Holiday Gift Guide! Does that mean I’m getting my presents early this year? Probs not.. but if you’re an early gift getter, here you go!  Cookbooks 30 Minute Meals for the Paleo AIP I have to include this one again.. obvs..  because …