1. I understand getting emotionally and physically stress. I am trying to learn how to meditate. I am horrible at it because I can’t turn my brain off. I hope you were able to give yourself a break and do something to help you just relax!! Take care!!

    • LissMS

      I find I have the same trouble with meditation too.. guided meditations are great for me for that reason. It gives me something else to focus on other than my thoughts! Good luck with the “OM” 😉

  2. Eve Cimino

    Stress has shown to be a real trigger for MS flare ups for me too. MDs have mentioned it just in passing, but each serious flare I have had has followed shortly after a stressful even or such. Thank you for putting a spotlight on this, and providing some nice methods to mitigate an unavoidable part of being human.

    • LissMS

      I absolutely agree. Most of my relapses have been tied to stress as well. It’s unfortunate MD’s downplay the link between the two so much.

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