BTT- Episode 24- Neck Mobility

Welcome back to our mobility series!  Today we’re talking about how to move our necks well. Most of us are under incredible stress at the moment. One of the places that we feel stress is in our neck. Tightness and constriction can cause a number of issues, including headaches, jaw issues and pain.  In today’s video I’m sharing 5 different …

BTT- Episode 23- Shoulder mobility

We’re back with another video in our mobility series!  Today we’re going to be talking about our shoulders!  Having proper shoulder mobility is important for a number of reasons. In order to carry items or lift our arms overhead, we need to be able to move well.  In this video I’ll be sharing 3 different shoulder mobility drills that you …

BTT- Episode 22- Mobility Series- Thorasic

You may not think about your mid back that much, but being able to move it well is super important for overall health! Watch this video for a quick exercise to help improve mobility!

BBT- Episode 20- Hip Mobility

Hip mobility is incredibly important for helping us stay pain free! Check out this video for 2 easy hip mobility drills!

BTT- Mobility Series 1

Balance issues are one of the most common MS symptoms. Watch this video for easy ways to improve your balance!