1. I can say that each time I have had a flare up, the doctor normally says steroids are the best treatment. I have typically done the steroids and they do make me feel terrible but I guess they help the flare up’s duration. Today, I am actually going to talk to my doctor about the flare up I am having now. It has been a bad one and I do not know what to do. I do not know if I should wait longer, as it has already been going on 2 weeks or just do the steroids. I know they say, steroids help inflammation and the flare up will go away faster, but I mean what about the side effects?

    I told my doctor 2 weeks ago that I thought I was having a flare up because of everything I was dealing with. She said it seemed like a pseudo relapse. She finally ordered the MRI and it turns out that I was right, now 2 weeks later she is going to want to do steroids. That is just frustrating. If she had listened to her patient before, this could have been almost over now!I honestly do not know what to do now!

    • LissMS

      Oh no!! I was thinking about you earlier this week and I wondered how your MRI went. I’m sorry you’re going through this!

      That’s crazy to me that your doctor didn’t listen, I’m sorry about that too.

      What did you decided to do? Take steroids?

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