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I help women who have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis make specific and personalized diet, lifestyle & subconscious changes so that they can begin to heal their body, reduce disease symptoms, and return to a life they love.

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Didn’t make it to Muay Thai Monday, or Thursday, exhaustion got the better of me. It has been officially one month and one day since I have done any physical activity. Unless you count the feeble attempts I need to move my body in the name of fitness several weeks ago when I did 20 mountain climbers, single leg squats, full body squats. Should have been cake, but it killed me. In my mind I am ready to go, I see and hear about all things training, working out, lifting, running, and boy am I jealous. I just can’t get my body to cooperate (I see a theme here). I am sure that once I left my first weight and punch my first bag it will all come back, in my body and mind. It’s just taking that first step. Isn’t that how it is with so many things?

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