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hey there,

Muay Thai kicked my ass last night. And by Muay Thai I mean my wonderful and sweet boyfriend, who also happens to be 6’3″, jussst a bit bigger than me (I’m 5’3″) In the world of a martial arts class, that’s one lopsided partner matchup! Usually in class we do drills with a partner who holds pads for the punching/kicking partner. He held pads just fine for me, my punches and kicks probably felt like a toddlers to him. His felt a bit harder. Needless to say, I’m sore today!
In other news, we made pizza tonight! My sister gave me gluten free dough and sauce for my birthday, it was good. It tasted like UNOs pizza in my opinion, a little thick but the edge was crispy. Toppings were turkey sausage and green peppers delish!



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