The Vestibular System and Balance

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Our vestibular system is incredibly important for balance.

It’s actually located in 2 places. Deep in our cranium and the more well known inner ear.

Your vestibular system has 2 main jobs:

  • To tell which way is up
  • To tell which way you’re moving

One of the most important parts of the inner ear are the semicircular canals.
We have 3 in each ear, for a total of 6.

They have 2 main functions:

  • Sense head movement and velocity of the movement
  • Enable the VOR (vestibulo-ocular reflex) which is all about being able to stabilize your gaze.

What most people don’t know is our eyes are intricately linked to our vestibular system and vice versa. So poor visual function can lead to poor inner ear function and poor inner ear function can lead to poor visual function.

When we think of traditional or conventional balance training, commonly one of the things we think about is an unstable surface, either using a pad or bosu ball.

However, based on what we just learned our balance system is governed by our eyes and ears, right?

Improving our vestibular system which governs balance, is going to involve your eyes.

In this BTT video I share a quick drill you can do to improve your eye function and balance!

Let me know in the comments if you try it!


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