Can We Actually Heal?

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I help women who have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis make specific and personalized diet, lifestyle & subconscious changes so that they can begin to heal their body, reduce disease symptoms, and return to a life they love.

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The words healing, remission and cure get tossed around all the time. But what are we actually doing to our bodies when we are utilizing anti-inflammatory methods to help our bodies? Is there such thing as a cure? Are we putting our illnesses into remission? What are we actually doing?

This seems to be one of those hotly debated topics on the Internet, what isn’t though, right? Everyone is going to have their own opinion about this, I totally get that. Your opinion about healing might be totally different than my opinion, and that’s OK! That’s what makes this world great I think.


This discussion often comes down to the specific language that is used. Some people use these words interchangeably, however I think they are all very different, let me explain.

Cure and remission are similar yet different at the same time. Lol, what? What I mean by that is, they are both destinations but very different destinations. A cure is defined as “a recovery of the symptoms of a disease or condition.” Remission is defined as “a diminution of the seriousness or intensity of disease or pain; a temporary recovery.” Both have endpoints, but one is more finite than the other. Obviously with a cure, the illness is over, eradicated, gone. But with remission only the symptoms are over and gone but the illness still remains. Best case scenario with AIP or Wahls or another anti-inflammatory healing protocol? Remission, not a cure.

So what about this healing stuff? I see healing a bit different. I see healing as the journey you are on while you are trying to work your way towards (hopefully) remission. Healing to me screams action, ownership, all the things you do every day to help your body, your mind and your soul. Healing doesn’t have an end destination. Like I mentioned earlier, some people may argue that point. But to me, I am always going to be on a path to improve however I can, so to me, healing won’t ever really stop. 

I’m really curious how others see this. So leave me a comment below!

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