BTT Episode 10- Best MS Drills

Here Is the best balance exercise for MS! In this week’s video I’m sharing an exercise that has a lot of bang for our MS buck!

Gaze stabilization

The Visual System

Our vision is incredibly important in all of our movements. In this video I talk about easy ways to improve your vision, and improve all movement.

blue image of brain

The Vestibular System and Balance

Our vestibular system is incredibly important for balance. I’m giving a few helpful suggestions to improve our vestibular system and balance.

woman laying on massage table getting head massage

Neurology 101

Understanding neurology fully takes years. However, in this video I break down how our brain works in a few easy to understand steps!

Movin and shakin

Ok ok, I’m somewhat slightly late with my workout update from last week. I know it is Monday of this week, but we moved this past weekend. Everyone who has moved before, which I assume is 99% of the reading population, will have groaned after reading that sentence. It’s such a pain! Literally, figuratively, every which way you look at …