Forced time out

My workouts last week rocked. I mean kicked ass. I felt great, strong, capable. I matched my 1RM and even went for a few extra reps in my strength work. I just knew that when I tested them again in the last week of the strength cycle, I would get several PR’s.

Now we’re at this week. Kinda different story. It’s Wednesday, I’ve usually been to CrossFit twice so far. But due to my body being stubborn, I haven’t been at all. I’m not even sure I’ll make it in this week. Maybe that’s what my body needed. I just wish it wasn’t right now! I had plans! I had PR’s to get! But I’m being told by something powerful, my body, that I need a rest. Isn’t that just how life is? We have plans, we have deadlines, we have things to do, but our bodies have a different plan. That is what it feels like to have MS, at least mentally. When there are so many things I want to accomplish, but my body says ‘nope, not today’. I used to push through all of these whispers from my body, then they quickly became screams. I’ve had to do a lot of changing over the past year or so. I can’t just push through things as I used to. Well, I could, but that probably most definitely would end up going horribly. So, I’ll take this week off. I will enjoy my birthday this Friday even though my body doesn’t want to. PR’s will always be there, waiting for me, as they are now.