Missing pieces

I’ve realized today that I have been missing a very large part of my existence in my blogging universe recently. My workouts! Or training, exercising, fitness, whatever you want to call it. So now just like cooking, I’ll be sharing my fitness journey too. I had originally wanted to do this when I started my blog, but I think it had fell by the wayside when I had to take time off due to stupid relapses. Since I am back at it, I’ll be back to sharing it!

My workout life with MS has certainly been a challenge and an uphill battle most times. Working out can be helpful, but it can also hurt, make me more tired etc. So finding balance has been the trick. Over the past few years I have done many training programs and worked with several coaches, but recently I have worked with John Romaniello via online training. I have had to adapt the monthly training schedule each month due to my schedule, symptoms and how I feel each day, which is super frustrating, but I have still seen positive results from it (hello quadzzz). I am currently in month 3, and the focus is on muscle growth. However, that whole stomach flu norovirus plague, set me back a bit. I’m still getting back into working out but hopefully will be back to normal next week (for my CrossFit début!). My workout yesterday was a Kettlebell complex called the Beastmother. It’s fierce.

One arm swing

One arm clean and press

One arm snatch

Front squat.

Do each of those twice, each side. Then, the next set, 4 times each side, then 6 times, I think you get the idea. All until you reach 10, then go back down, or AMRAP within 15 minutes, killer.

My goal was to work out today too, but today was my Tysabri infusion day. I forgot how tired that stuff makes me! When I got home, I sat down, almost promptly fell asleep. I counted it as a win that I didn’t crawl into bed! There was a point in my life that I would have beat myself up over not working out, even though my body had just gone through a lot. But I have realized I need to give myself some grace and kindness, and permission to relax. It’s been a hard week, I’ll tackle the barbell tomorrow, it will still be there.