morning routine

BTT- Episode 12 – A morning routine for improved pain

Since we’ve learned a few drills by now, we’re gonna put them all together!

This is an ideal morning routine, but can be done anytime of day if needed. 

We’re going to be doing 3 of the drills we’ve already covered: 

  • Gaze Stabilization
  • Breathing 
  • Brain Maps 

What you’ll need:

  • Space to move (enough to move your arms)
  • Pen/pencil 

In this video I’ll be walking you through a morning routine that incorporates your brain, bodily awareness, balance system, vagus nerve activation and lymph system activation. 

If you are really symptomatic or are in a flare, this is contraindicated for you. Only because there is a potential for toxin release, which might make your symptoms worse.

If you’re not in a flare or symptomatic, this might be really helpful for you! If these drills are totally new to you, go slowly. No need to rush and add everything at once. 

An easy way to get started would be to start with gaze stabilization, then incorporate breathing, then incorporate brain map drills. 

Check it out, message me and let me know how it goes!!