BTT- Episode 13 – How to identify if an exercise is too much for you

I’ve talked in past videos about the test and reassess process to see if a drill is helpful for you.

This involves a process of testing range of motion in some way related to the drill you’re going to do. 

However, there are other signs to be looking out for that will tell you if a drill is not so helpful for you.

These signs are called the startle reflex. 

The startle reflex is a reflexive change in your body and autonomic processes. This usually means the exercise or session is too stressful for your body. 

Usually the first thing people think of when they think of startle is jumping or crouching in a fetal position. However, there are others to be aware of as well.

In this video I will show you several signs of the startle reflex and what they mean.

Let me know if you have noticed any of these in yourself in the comments!