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hey there,

Well… I’m back again, in the “land of relapse” second one in several months too, not a good eNdorsement for Aubagio I must say. This one was brought on by that cold I mentioned previously, I think. Or a UTI I had/have, that I didn’t know I had/have until test results came back. Just love those infections that hide, don’t you? Anyway, this seems to mirror the other relapses, numbness in my right side, not limited to one particular area really. The biggest difference with this relapse is I’m thankfully not nearly as exhausted as I had been with the other two, I can actually make coffee this time without needing a break! I’ve been able to workout a few times too, but still only sporadically, and for 10-20 minutes tops. I’ve actually done a lot of thinking about my workouts and came to an unfortunate but honest conclusion. I can’t commit to a monthly training progression anymore, at least right now. I love lifting, I love my 5-3-1 program, but I keep having to start over, and that’s not productive right now. That was a tough realization to come to, but one that felt right in the end. Doing what I can, mostly kettlebell workouts, when I can, is what I can commit to right now. I still have Muay Thai, even though I haven’t been since the beginning of June (old habits die hard). So I adjusted, and will manage! And hope my body cooperates pretty quick here.

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