Thanksgiving tricks and treats

My family isn’t quite down with this AIP-ish thing I got goin on. They are somewhat supportive of my food choices/habits, depending on who I’m speaking about, and just so long as they don’t have to eat it (Le Boyfriend excluded). So when the menu for Thanksgiving was up in the air, I quickly volunteered to bring an item. I got a veggie side, so I will be making braised Brussels sprouts with bacon, from The Paleo Mom. I also whipped up this morning (I make it sound so easy, right? Ha) a butternut squash souffl√©, so I don’t have to be stuck with just sprouts. I ALSO make a Pumpkin Mousse for dessert, but that’s a bit sweet for my taste. It’s one of those things you can only have 3 bites of before you feel your stomach turning inside out, but those 3 bites are goood. But at least I won’t be the odd one just sitting there during dessert. Hopefully they like it, and won’t be able to tell that it’s Paleo!