Why does the next one suck more than the last?

I find myself wondering that, at the end of every WOD, as I lay on the floor, dying. ‘That was awful!’ *pause* ‘But it was so awesomeeee’ And I’m back the next day.

That’s how Crossfit has been going for the past few weeks. Excellent workouts, ridiculous WOD’s and I feel pretty good. I had to take a few weeks off due to being sick/hurt, like usual. But I’ve been back consistently for a few weeks now and everything feels fairly good (knock on wood). My workouts this week consisted of

Monday: Warm up of running 100 m, air squats, push-ups and sit-ups.  The strength portion of the day was front squats, which felt pretty good. My coach adjusted my hands halfway through (from 3-4 fingers on the bar to 2 fingers), and they went way better after that! Then the WOD, run 100m followed by 10 burpees, 10 rounds. Ugh, it was somewhat brutal. By somewhat brutal, I mean totally. I’ve done more challenging workouts in terms of cardio/strength, but I think the combo of running and the up and down of the burpees totally threw my brain for a loop! My vision was so blurry/double, I felt like a cartoon character that got hit in the head! You know that scene, where the character shakes out their head and that odd noise plays? That was me. For basically the whole thing. It was a challenge to run in a straight line. Very frustrating.

Thursday: Warm up of rowing 500m, air squats, sit-ups, push-ups, run 100m. I decided to not do the Olympic lifting choice of the day, which was the snatch (I somewhat regretted that). I did alternating sets of kipping pull up practice and squat holds with a 10lb plate instead. I hadn’t done kipping pull-ups yet, so that was fun and new. The WOD was 10 KB swings, 10 Step-ups with the KB then run 100m. I used a 26lb bell for the swings, those went fine. I tried the step-ups with the bell, but they hurt my back in the worst way, so my coach said lose the bell. The 100m run after was fine too. This was a 14min AMRAP, I got  5 total rounds done then an extra round of swings and half a round of step-ups. Overall it was a good workout, nothing too crazy.

Friday: Today was infusion day, so I did my own thing before I went. Warm up of air squats, jumping jacks, wall squats push-ups and leg swings. I did some Deadlifts and Back Squats, to keep up with the percentages I have going at Crossfit. It was a pretty good day. I felt strong, and like I was getting stronger. The squats felt good and easy, I was surprised.

Saturday and Sunday: I got to play outside! Le Fiancé and I played tennis since it was so nice out, finally!! Hopefully this upcoming week stays on an upward trend!