Workout Wednesday 2-17-16

Hello Hello Hello!

It’s Wednesday! All downhill from here, right? Right. I’m coming to you from ‘my’ (shared) office at work, on my lunch break, while I stand in a half squat type posture because I will be sitting for the next 5 hours seeing clients (yes, people look at me funny when they walk by, do I care? Nope). I hate when I have so many back to back, mostly because I hate sitting so long! We’re made to move, and sitting for so long makes me nuts. So I move while I can. Hmm, I wonder if I can hide my kettlebell in my office somewhere and get some swings in between clients. Might consider that…Anyway.

This week’s workout is a kettlebell workout that can be used as a finisher or a stand alone workout when you’re pressed for time.

What you need:


Jump rope (if you don’t have one, that’s cool, just do jumping jacks!)

How to:

10 Goblet Squatzzzzz

20 KB Swingzzzzz

60 Jumps/Jacks

Try to go a bit heavier on the swings if you can, it’s good to challenge yourself!

Do AMARAP (As Many Reps As Pretty aka GOOD FORM) in 5-10 minutes

Rest as needed, but try to keep it to the bottom of the circuit.

Have fun and tell me how it goes!


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