5 Best Foods to Eat for Multiple Sclerosis {FREE CHEAT SHEET INSIDE}

5 Best Foods to Eat

if You Have Multiple Sclerosis

The questions I get asked most often are:

“What types of foods help Multiple Sclerosis?”

“What do you suggest for healthy meals to make for MS?”

“Will food make my MS symptoms better?”

“Everything is so confusing! How do I know what to eat for MS?”

I get it.

When I was first diagnosed, I had NO IDEA that food played a part in how I felt, much less would be so important to my healing down the road. Plus, when I asked my doctor, he HAD NO IDEA EITHER.

What are we to do?

By way of the interwebz, I eventually found information on Gluten Free diets, then Paleo, then AIP, then Dr. Terry Wahls research. What a gold mine of information. But more importantly, hope. And healing.

Getting started on any journey where you are changing food habits can be hard. There are so many factors involved, family situations, work, friends, you name it.

That’s why I created this cheat sheet and email course for you.

In this cheat sheet you’ll learn:

  • What nutrients the food provides
  • The benefits of the nutrients
  • How much of the foods to include daily or weekly

These foods will also help to:

  • Reduce inflammation in your body
  • Improve symptoms
  • Begin your bodies natural healing process

I even have a Bonus Tip for you too, which might be the most important piece of the puzzle.

After you download the Cheat Sheet,

you’ll receive a 5 day email course on:

  • How to best implement the Cheat Sheet (some awesome tips)
  • What exactly “eating healthy” means in today’s world
  • How this all applies to Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lifestyle factors that contribute to reducing inflammation as well

Q: What is included on the list? Will you have to go out and buy crazy foods and ingredients??

A: Nope.

(What I’m suggesting are foods you’re probably already eating. A few you may not be. But nothing too out of this world.)

Q: How will I know what to do with the information?

A: I’ve laid out all the steps on how to add the foods into your life in the email course!

Q: What if I have questions along the way?

A: I’m an email away at all times!

Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

What’s next?

Drop your name and email into the form below, and within 10-15 minutes, you’ll have your PDF with the 5 foods and bonus tip, ready to go.

Have a question or didn’t get your PDF? Shoot me an email at Info@liss-ms.com and I’ll be happy to help!


References: Dr. Terry Wahls, “The Wahls Protocol