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hey there,

Ok ok, I’m somewhat slightly late with my workout update from last week. I know it is Monday of this week, but we moved this past weekend. Everyone who has moved before, which I assume is 99% of the reading population, will have groaned after reading that sentence. It’s such a pain! Literally, figuratively, every which way you look at it, it sucks. Thankfully we had been thinking ahead and have been working at it for the past month. Packing a bit here, throwing stuff out a bit there, but it’s always so much more work than you think. ‘Oh, there isn’t that much left to do’ HA! Unless  there is one teeny tiny shoe box left in the center of an empty room, you’re lying to yourself. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s the truth. I was able to take today off from work in order to continue with the unpacking task at hand, but here I am, writing this, drinking my morning cup carafe of coffee (that’s one habit I’m still working on addicted to). I’ll get to it, eventually. I’ve got some writing/drafting/organizing to do first! That said, lets get to it.

Monday: MARATHON MONDAY!! It is a holiday up here in Massachusetts, patriots day? I think people just needed an excuse to take Monday off to watch the Marathon/the Red sox/ day drink. Whatever, I’ll take it. Even though I didn’t work out (I felt horrible), the inner runner in me who was stirring before, is surely awake now! New shoes here I come 🙂

Tuesday: Fairly easy day for me in terms of CrossFit. Warm up of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit- ups, superman holds and hollow holds. The strength portion of the day was strict press, ughhhhh. My least favorite. Every rep, regardless of the weight feels like a grinders. Probably because they are. Due to my poor math/memory skills, I had my 1RM as 5 lbs higher than it actually is, so the weights I was calculating from the percentages of the day were high. So… in reality I hit my 1RM for 2reps. That’s kinda cool, thanks to my poor math. 🙂 The WOD was death by Toe2Bar, which I can’t do yet, so I did knee to elbow. It was actually really fun! I’m finding swinging on the bar reminds me of playing as a kid. Where did that go?

Thursday: The day that launched a blog post. I felt so horrible. I had a migraine for several days, that just wasn’t going away. My drug cocktail I take was just working enough to make life barely tolerable. But I wasn’t happy with what I saw that morning on the scale, so I let insecurity win out over self care. Theres much more about that here. Anyway, as workouts go, it really wasn’t bad. We did a barbell complex to warm up of a deadlift to hang clean to front squat to strict press then a thruster. 2 times, on the minute, for 6 minutes total. If I didn’t feel like dying, I would have loved it. The strength part of the day was front squats. I am loving those more and more recently. I was able to work up to 70 lbs for 3 reps. My max is 75, so when we re-test, I am sure really hoping I will blow that out of the water. The WOD obviously involved up and down, from pike push ups, to deadlifts, to situps. Just another reminder that I should have stayed home!

Friday: I left work early and stayed home. 🙂

Saturday and Sunday: We moved! That is a full body, full day workout in itself. I’m sore, and my body aches, but I’ll be stretching throughout the day. I did notice a difference when moving big, heavy things though. It was a little easier. Thu

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