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When Selma Blair announced her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in October, I was saddened but very inspired. Her Instagram post that announced her diagnosis was incredibly honest and courageous, in my opinion. She has since gone on to continue posting on Instagram, multiple times a day about her experience with the disease. 

Good or Bad?

A few months back, when I did an Instagram Live I talked about Selma Blair. I discussed how I thought her posting was amazing for our community. An article I saw, moved me to speak about this, because it was questioning her posts and honesty. Whether or not it was “good or bad”for the MS community. When I posed this same question to my audience, ‘what do you think about Selma Blair’s honest posting’, I got a unanimous answer. That it was appreciated, people felt seen, heard and understood. They felt like she was representing them to the outside world like nobody else had before. Which, is true. There are other celebrities who have MS, but have not been so public about their thoughts, feelings and symptoms like Selma has. And that is totally OK. Everyone walks their own journey.

Selma Blair Oscars 2019

Oscar Glory

In the days after Selma walked the red carpet at the Oscars, at the Vanity Fair party, in all of her goddess glory (see above), the headlines and Clickbait fooder began. Many of the headlines were woe as me, Selma is such a victim, look at how sick she is. But that was not the case at all. She walked that red carpet with such grace, elegance and a little humor to boot. Yes, she needed her diamond studded cane (um, can I get one?), needed a helping hand at times, but her tears and vulnerability were her triumph.

Today, when I do a Google search for Selma Blair, or Selma Blair MS, none of those silly tabloid Headlines pop up. Instead, what does pop-up are articles about a potential fashion partnership with designer Christian Siriano to make adaptive clothing, or how other people have felt inspired by her on his portrayal of the disease.

This is the celebrity advocate we have been waiting for.

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