BTT- Episode 14- Beginner Balance Series- 1

Now that we have some foundational knowledge and skills under our belt, let’s take it a step further! 

Today we’ll be starting our balance series! Hurrah! 

Balance issues are one of the biggest symptoms of MS and can lead to falls. Improving our balance is more than just standing on an unsteady surface (that actually doesn’t help all that much). 

Our balance system is a delicate interplay between our brain, eyes and bodily awareness. 

Remember when you were a kid trying to stand on one leg and someone told you to stare at one spot? That is your vestibular, or balance system at work. It is intricately linked to our vision and ability to stare. 

In today’s video, I’m giving a short review of the balance exercises we’ve learned so far, gaze stabilization and pencil push-ups! 

Let me know in the comments how each of these are going for you!