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Multiple Sclerosis Pain Relief from Improved Proprioception

We have three systems in our bodies that “govern” movement. They are visual, vestibular and proprioceptive. 

In today’s video, we’re going to be chatting about the proprioceptive system and how it impacts our daily lives. 

Our proprioceptive system is in charge of helping our brain know where we are relative to our outside world. 

When our brain is struggling to know where our body is in space (yes this happens!) 

It can lead to decreased cognitive and motor function as well as increased pain and dysfunction. 

Increasing our brains awareness of our body in space – which is proprioception, helps to decrease pain and improves mobility. 

At the end of the video I share a helpful morning wake up practice that will help your brain know where you are in space and which hopefully, decreases your daily symptoms! 

I hope this is helpful!