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I'm Alissa!

I help women who have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis make specific and personalized diet, lifestyle & subconscious changes so that they can begin to heal their body, reduce disease symptoms, and return to a life they love.

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What is included in the guide?

  • Paleo Protein and Snack Bars
    • Quick options for when you need a pick-me-up!
  • Paleo Protein Powders
    • Need more protein in your life? Here are some great options!
  • Paleo Sweets and Treats
    • Want a sweet treat? I’ve got you covered!
  • Paleo No Cook Meal Options and 5 Minute Meal Ideas
    • Life in the way? Not to fear! No cook options to the rescue!

Now being stuck on the run, having to think about cooking when you’re tired after work or in a meal rut is a thing of the past!

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This cheat sheet and corresponding 5-day email course will help answer the question "What types of foods help Multiple Sclerosis?" 

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The 5 Best Foods for MS

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