1. Hi, I just wanted to ask, when you had what is called a pseudo relapse, how long did it last and what did you do to make it go away? I have been going through so much additional issues with my MS which includes additional pain, numbness and tingly in my feet and legs. At first the doctor said it was a pseudo relapse, but that was almost 2 months ago and things are increasing. I do have an MRI tomorrow afternoon to make sure this isn’t an actual relapse, but I have had MS for 16 years and this is the first I have heard of this new condition. I just want to prepare myself for what could be going on? I really appreciate your post, as it was very helpful. I hope you are doing well and have a great evening!!
    Thank you,

    • LissMS

      So a pseudo exacerbation is usually a shorter event, that’s caused by an acute trigger, like hot temperatures or illness. Once the trigger goes away, the symptoms go away.
      What you have going on sounds like a larger issue, possibly an actual relapse 🙁. I’m glad you’re getting an MRI tomorrow, that should be helpful in figuring it out.
      I hope it goes well, those are never fun!


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